We are an East Mill Creek community nonprofit irrigation water company, managed and operated mostly by volunteers and entirely by your neighbors.  Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and sustainable irrigation water.  We keep costs down through volunteering.  It’s been working that way since 1848.

Want to save money on your water bill?  If you live in East Mill Creek and have an active ditch, you might be eligible to join. Many of our users pay less than $100 per year for 6 months of irrigation water!  Each water share is about 20 minutes of water.  See the system map to learn if you are on an active ditch.

Mark your calendar

  • Water begins after April 1, 2018 – Please walk your ditches and clear debris.  Thanks!
    • Brigham Young and Franklin John Neff Shareholders:  The water has begun.  Schedules have been sent to all BY and are being updated for the FJN .
    • Amos Neff Users:  The main diversion point must be repaired before AN N can fully run.  We need volunteers to help.  Contact Cory or Holly.
  • Welcome to our 4 newest Water Masters:  On the Amos Neff Ditch, Holly Murphy is now job sharing with Cory Weaver.  On the Brigham Young, Jordan Beesley, and Seth and Sadie Dansie will job share with Mike.
  • If neighbors need a little info about our irrigation ditches, give them a copy of our  “Good Neighbor Flier”.
  • If you would like to  buy more water shares, there are currently Brigham Young shares for sale.  If you’d like to buy Amos Neff or Franklin John Neff shares, ask to have your name put on the “Want to buy” list.  If you have share to sell, just let us know.  801-882-1173
  • Adjudication letters from the State of Utah have been sent to most of our shareholders.  If all you have is East Mill Creek Water Company Irrigation shares and Salt Lake City Culinary water, you do not need to file a Water Rights Claim form because Salt Lake City and East Mill Creek Water Company will complete the required documentation for all our shareholders.  If you have a well, house-deeded water, or some other form of water right, then you probably need to complete the forms.  Contact a state adjudicator for more information.  We have sent more information about this with assessments.
  • For ways to help, go to VOLUNTEER.
  • Assessments were to be paid by Jan 27th.  You can now pay by check, by Direct Recurring Payment from your bank account (this one saves you and the Company the most time and money), or by Credit Card.  To sign up for Direct Payment, print and complete this  Authorization Form.  More information or to make an online payment go to PAYMENTS.

East Mill Creek Water Company
P.O. Box 9334
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

For more contact info, see “About Us