We are an East Mill Creek community nonprofit irrigation water company, managed and operated mostly by volunteers and entirely by your neighbors.  Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and sustainable irrigation water.  We keep costs down because everyone is responsible for diverting their own water, and helping with ditch cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting problems, and volunteering.  It’s been working that way since 1848.

Want to save money on your water bill?  If you live in East Mill Creek beside an active ditch, you might be eligible to join. Many of our users pay less than $200 per year for 6 months of irrigation water!  Each water share is about 20 minutes of water which ranges from 2700 gallons to 3600 gallons depending upon the ditch.  See the system map to learn if you are on an active ditch.


    • Assessments will be sent in February, 2021.  You can now pay by check, by Direct Recurring Payment from your bank account (this one saves you and the Company the most time and money), or by Credit Card.  To sign up for Direct Payment, print and complete this Authorization Form  by March 1, 2021.  For more information or to make an online payment , go to PAYMENTS.
    • The Annual Shareholder Meeting is Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 7:00 pm. Because of restrictions due to the pandemic, the meeting will be held via zoom. Information will be sent via email how to connect to the meeting.
    • After The Water Year is over in October.  If there is water in our ditches, it is likely storm water run
    • Water Safety is our top priority.  If your water is not on schedule, walk the ditch to find where it is or text/call other water users.  Please work with your neighbors and shareholders to make sure that the water can be safely let down and when you are using the water, make sure that you control your runoff and close your gate.
    • Water shares for sale: Brigham Young shares are $100/share.  To buy Amos Neff or Franklin John Neff shares, have your name put on the “Want to buy” list and if you have shares to sell, call us at 801-882-1173.
    • If neighbors need info about our irrigation ditches, give them the  “Good Neighbor Flier”.
    • We urge everyone to be aware that this is a drought year and to be conscientious and careful in how you use Mill Creek irrigation water.
    • For ways to help, go to VOLUNTEER.
    • Not sure who to call??  The East Mill Creek Water Company SERVICE AREA area is from about 2700 S to 4100 S and 2700 E to 2100 E.  The White Ditch service area is from about 2700 S to Evergreen and 2100 E to Highland.   The Lower Mill Creek Irrigation Company is from about 2700 S to 3500 S and 2000 E to 1100 E.  For a complete list of contacts for the East Mill Creek Water Company, go to the “About Us” link below.

East Mill Creek Water Company
P.O. Box 9334
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

For more contact info, see “About Us